the secret garden - bringing history back to life

We're embarking on an exciting new project at the walled garden. Over the next few years, our previously unused Secret Garden is being transformed by Diane, our newly-appointed Head Gardener, from a hidden knee-high grass-and-nettles wilderness into a productive vegetable, fruit and flower garden. We'll be bringing food production back to the walled garden for the first time for (we think) almost 50 years, slowly bringing the old Victorian walled kitched garden back to life.

It will take time, but with the help of a band of willing volunteers, Diane will be turning the ground over, planting the first seeds, trees and flowers, and supplying our restaurant with the freshest possible fruit and vegetables - all grown in our own Secret Garden!

We'll post lots of photos, news on how we're getting on, the people helping us to make it happen, and in due course new restaurant menus incorporating Secret Garden ingredients. Check our facebook page 'the secret garden at elton hall' for more.

If you'd like to know more about oportunities to get involved in this exciting new venture, call Nick on 07906 542941 or Diane on 07522 993544. All willing help is very welcome, regardless of knowledge, age, ability or gardening experience!

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